The Victorian State Government appointed the Yarra River Ministerial Advisory Committee (Yarra MAC) in 2015 to provide independent advice to government on the key issues and opportunities for the Yarra River. The Yarra MAC recommended a new governance framework to protect the river and outlined five strategic objectives to underpin the governance reforms: a healthy river, the Great Yarra Parklands, a culturally diverse riverscape, securing the Yarra footprint and modern governance.

The Yarra MAC developed, tested and refined these objectives through the stakeholder and community consultation process in 2016. The Yarra River Protection (Wilip-gin Birrarung Murron) Act 2017 requires the Yarra Strategic Plan to include broad objectives and we are planning to adopt the Yarra MAC objectives for the Yarra Strategic Plan to continue to drive the governance reforms.

Thank you for your feedback. Consultation on these draft objectives is now closed. Information collected will analysed and form part of the Yarra Strategic Plan.

Objectives Elements
A healthy river
  • Wilip-gin Birrarung murron (keep the Birrarung alive)
  • protect and improve the health of the river and its riparian ecology
  • increase the resilience of the river to mitigate impacts for the environment and the community from population growth and climate change
  • protect the health of Port Phillip Bay
The Great Yarra Parklands
  • recognise the network of parklands along the Yarra as part of the one integrated living whole natural asset
  • improve community access to, movement along and on the river
  • increase opportunities to enjoy the river parklands for people of all ages and abilities
  • create more destinations and improve visitor experiences
A culturally diverse riverscape
  • in partnership with Traditional Owners, recognise, protect and promote both intangible and tangible cultural values
  • recognise, protect and promote heritage values
  • quality public places for recreation, celebration and coming together
Securing the Yarra footprint
  • protect iconic and naturalistic river landscapes from inappropriate development
  • connect communities and places along the river with trails and cycling corridors
  • recognise the importance of the river to the economic prosperity and vitality of Melbourne and the Yarra Valley
Modern governance arrangements
  • provide visionary leadership and a long-term commitment to delivering the vision and its goals
  • partner with the Traditional Owners int he management of natural resources
  • align the activities and deicsions of responsible agences and
  • councils
Do you feel any elements are missing from these objectives that will work towards shaping the Yarra Strategic Plan?
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