Have your say on the whole Yarra catchment

31 May 2018

Have your say on the whole Yarra catchment and help shape the way we manage our waterways for the Yarra and surrounding area.

Melbourne Water is inviting community and stakeholders to influence their 10-year strategy for improving the health of our catchments, rivers, creeks, wetlands and estuaries for future generations.

What is the Healthy Waterways Strategy?

The Healthy Waterways Strategy will help guide investment and actions by Melbourne Water and stakeholders to manage stormwater and waterway health. It will also help guide the social, cultural, economic and environmental values that waterways support.

The new strategy builds on the existing one while reflecting new knowledge and priorities replacing the current strategy when it expires in 2018.

Engagement is being undertaken through a series of monthly co-design workshops, supported by the HWS engagement website ‘Your Say’ where you will be able to directly influence strategy phases such as:

  • Developing a set of catchment goals.
  • Exploring issues, opportunities and aspirations for everyone within the Yarra catchment.
  • Identifying where Melbourne Water, stakeholders and the community need to focus their collaborative efforts through setting targets and actions.

How is it different to the Yarra Strategic Plan?

The Healthy Waterways Strategy has a ‘whole of catchment’ view of our waterways including wetlands, estuaries, rivers and creeks.

The Yarra Strategic Plan focuses on the Yarra River Corridor rather than the whole Yarra catchment and will include considerations to public open space along the river, statutory planning, and the management of public land and infrastructure.

Both are important, and we encourage you to have your say on both the Healthy Waterways Strategy and Yarra Strategic Plan.

Visit the HWS Engagement website ‘Your Say’ to find out more.

How to get involved

Your input to the Healthy Waterways Strategy (2018-2028) has been invaluable in creating collective targets and performance objectives that we all share. As the Draft Strategy takes shape, we invite you to join in the fourth co-design workshop to explore what’s next.

The strategy covers a total of five catchment areas across Greater Melbourne, the Yarra being one of them. If you live outside the Yarra catchment and would like get involved, visit the HWS Engagement website ‘Your Say’ to find out more.