Developing the draft Yarra Strategic Plan

In February 2017 Melbourne Water were nominated as the lead agency in the development of the Yarra Strategic Plan to enable the Yarra River to be managed and cared for as one living and integrated entity. A key requirement of the plan was the inclusion of a long-term community vision for the river.

Beginning in September 2017, Melbourne Water gathered information about what the community values and how they want the river to be cared for in future.

In February 2018 Melbourne Water brought together 24 randomly selected passionate citizens, known as the Yarra River Community Assembly, to write a 50-year community vision for the Yarra.

Members of the assembly heard from experts, including Wurundjeri Elders and community, about the history of the Yarra and its cultural significance to the Traditional Owners.

The group used the stories gathered from the broader community to write a vision for each of the Yarra’s four reaches (upper rural, lower rural, suburban and inner-city) and an overarching vision for the whole river.

These visions will provide the building blocks for how the river and its land are used and managed in future, to ensure the Yarra remains a proud part of Victoria’s identity.

Between May and August 2018 Melbourne Water undertook community engagement to build the content of the draft Yarra Strategic Plan.

This engagement included a series of community workshops, an online survey, an interactive online map and social media promotion. Summaries of the workshops and online engagement are available in the Document Library.

The information collected from the community has been used to write the Draft Yarra Strategic Plan which is now open for your feedback.

Shaping the Final plan

From 22 January to 29 March 2020, the draft Yarra Strategic Plan was open for public consultation. During this time, we consulted with stakeholders and community in a variety of ways on what they would like to see incorporated into the final plan. These included:

    • Stakeholder briefings
    • Focus groups by invitation
    • Community pop-up events
    • Story map and survey
    • Written submissions
    Now that public consultation has closed, this feedback will be used to inform the final plan.
    Yarra Strategic Plan community engagement infographic

    Whole of Yarra River Vision